"Ctirad actively changes the world around him. I am glad that, from time to time, I can hang around with him in this world of his, for it's a world full of positive energy."
Libor WitassekFounder, DC Vision
"Ctirad is a great gaffer. He points the lamps at people who are bringing new values. Values that differ from those of the old business-oriented world, values that will some day hopefully save us from ourselves."
Jannis SamarasChairman of the Board and CEO, Kofola Group
"Ctirad keeps claiming that he himself cannot do anything special, that he merely puts together interesting and useful people. However, he does this so well as to become a Master in his field."
Jan SvěrákDirector and Screenwriter
"Every time I see Ctirad's signature under a project, I automatically trust it will be a good and great thing. Ctirad's gift from God is to network people in a very beneficial and helpful way. He can do this absolutely naturally, completely enchanting (not only) me by his peace, good humour, and unbelievable ideas that he is usually able to realize before long. No wonder I cannot wait for Ctirad's new projects! At the same time, I equally enjoy meeting Ctirad and his wonderful wife Jana in person."
Hanka ZemanováIndependent Expert on Organic Food, Author of “The Organic Cookery Book“
"Ctirad is a visionary, a great entrepreneur and organizer of successful trade shows and events that offer views of the masterminds on the current complex world and philosophies. I am proud to participate in some of his projects and I look forward to the ones to come. Thank you, Ctirad."
Margit SlimákováExpert on Prophylaxis and Nutrition
"Ctirad is a connector with his heart wide open. He appreciates the world in its colourful beauty, and is able to kindly deal with the greatest esotericists as well as with the greatest businesspeople. He always sees the best in others. He does not focus on how to distinguish himself from others, he rather focusses on what connects him with others – both in his professional and his personal life."
Petra KruntoradováFounder and Chief Editor, “The Genuine Home-made Magazine“
"Thank you for being you, Ctirad! Through your wonderful work, you are opening many hearts in this country."
Tomáš JendřejekMember of the Board, Kofola Group
"I would like to thank Ctirad and his team for the extraordinary professionalism and energy they are putting into organizing the valuable programmes devoted to personal as well as social development in this beautiful country. Thank you and wish you all the best for the future.“
Jiří Pavlíček Leader, Enterpreneur, Idea-Launcher
"Ctirad is a guy who is able to bring the great names of the world into the Czech Republic, he is a guy who organises great festivals, events and conferences, but above all, he is a great person."
Jan MühlfeitGlobal Strategist, Mentor, Coach
"Festival Evolution and Bio styl are Ctirad's most beloved children, and for me and my company they are event of the year in this country. For over ten years, we have regularly participated as an exhibitor. I cannot speak highly enough about it. The founder's care is bearing fruit."
Tereza HavrlandováFounder, the company Lifefood


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