#Jedenkrát (Once In A Lifetime) is a unique concept of open meetings of inspiring masterminds from various spheres of life. We wish to inspire, inform, and discuss. We open a lab for ideas, opinions, trends, concepts, and methods.


  • non-conference
  • #JEDENKRÁT (Once In A Lifetime)
  • 24. 4. 2018
  • Prague, DOX - Centre of Contemporary Art
  • number of visitors: 470

In short life speeches, overseas and Czech speakers presented their life and professional experience, ideas and innovations which influence the society as well as individuals. 

In the first part called Lounge Time, visitors could discuss various issues and topics with the keynote speakers.  Later on, in the main part of the programme called Talk Time, we listened to speakers who are actively involved in innovations of technologies and innovations of mind.  Afterwards, during the third part of our “NonConference“ called FuckUp Nights, we discussed failures which have occurred in the process of innovation (for evolution may involve sacrifice). 

In the new Multi-purpose hall at the Centre for contemporary art DOX Prague, we could enjoy the presentations of the following outstanding speakers: Deepak Chopra, Roger J. Hamilton, Barbora Chuecos, James A. Cusumano, Jan Mühlfeit, Světlana Witowská, Pavel Kysilka, Kateřina Novotná, Tomáš Hajzler, Tomáš Sedláček, Jan Záklasník, Zbyněk Frolík, Lucie Brešová.  The show was hosted by Petr Beneš

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