May 18, 2016
Lucerna Cinema Auditorium, Prague
Number of participants: 450

The Happy Czech Republic Conference was held on the occasion of launching The Happy Czech Republic Endowment Fund and Gross National Happiness Day at the crowded Lucerna Cinema Auditorium, Prague, on May 18, 2016. 450 visitors and 24 successful leaders, businesspeople and other great names shared their stories of happiness.

The participants also included David Kirš, Alice Kirš, Ctirad Hemelík, Jana Hemelíková Baudisová, Jim Cusumano, Inez Cusumano, Zdeněk Weber a Šárka Weberová, Karel Janeček a Mariem Mhadhbi Janečková, Jan Mühlfeit, Lilia Khousnoutdinová, Bohdana Kabátová, Sanjiv Suri, Ondřej Kobza, Libor Malý and many others. On the occasion of their stay in Prague, Deepak Chopra and Eric Pearl also visited the event.  

The Happy Czech Republic Conference aimed to discuss openly the quality of life and to support a community of people who resonate at the same wavelength. The conference clearly showed that priorities of managers and of the general public have changed. In the 21st century, the quality of life in a healthy society on a healthy planet is more important than the increase of profit, value of shares and GNP.

We would like to launch good new projects in the Czech Republic, local as well as global. Projects that go more into depth, to the heart of the matter. Projects  which remind us that Inner Happiness and connection to our Self and to Flow of Life are as important as prosperity. We find this issue extremely important, and believe it is essential to start discussing it, to meet, to inspire others and to get inspired.


All the effort seems to be driven by a simple desire.

To be simply a happy person...