Future Port Prague assist people and firms in understanding better the phenomenon of exponential progress. It is important to understand both technologies and deep social shifts which make us re-evaluate and reconnect our business models and our milieu, our educational systems, and mainly our own mental patterns. 

Future Port Prague is a one-day event which strives to introduce positive vision of the future, where people are supported rather than threatened by technologies. We trust that technologies are becoming a stronger and more accessible tool. 

The conference and festival programme focuses on eight essential topics, i.e., artificial intelligence, virtual and extended reality, robots and drones, internet of things, new materials, the future of transportation, 3D print, and the future of healthcare. 

Future of Business conference in SaSaZu in Prague offered unique inspiring stories of those who have already used exponential technologies as a basis for the success of their firms. For example, Kenny Hawk, professor Thomas HartungNell WatsonRodolfo Miranda Soriano, Jürgen Laudus or Otto Fabri, including the Czech economist Pavel Kysilka, professor Michal Pěchouček or Jiří Kůsand others spoke here. The conference was held under the auspices of expert guarantors who took part in lectures, discussions, and networking, and also shared their experience. 

Future Port Prague in numbers

September 7, 2017
Prague Market - Holešovice

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