The main mission of project ProRegions is to create an environment within each of the regions, where an individual can live fully and work with a purpose. ProRegions promotes regular meetings of local businessmen, representatives of NGOs, public administration and other citizens, where each and every one of them can actively participate.

The project favors local businesses by providing the know-how and additional support, in order to maximize fund circulation in the region and to minimize the outflow. The project also provides fora for presentations and discussions of activities within the region; it provides PR and publicity to individuals and groups, distributes quality personal and professional development materials across disciplines.

The aim is a long-term stability of the regions, their competence to act as a solid unit (minimization of the dependence on resort or controlled finance) and decentralization within the frame of existing legislation. This relates mainly to mutually beneficial working environment – also in the matters of public affairs.

Our targeted groups are small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs in the regions of the Czech Republic. In their regular meetings, called ´Circles´, they create business opportunities for trade within the group, and therefore regional funds are spent locally. This regional integration also has a socio-ecological impact: it promotes self-sufficiency, confidence; and network of people not only connecting through work, but also through personal experiences in their leisure time.

The project also integrates other NGOs and local governments, it increases the efficiency of mutually beneficial working environment; it strengthens the position of a responsible entrepreneur through regular media coverage. In addition to the cultural effect, the educational dimension brings a reverse financial benefit to the given region, because the remaining funds – after deducting the necessary expenses for the project implementation – are returned back to the region where these active entrepreneurs decide where they want to invest next.